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  • January 12th, 2017

Waterfield Energy Selected as Technology Partner for Lease Management Software Company

When a well-established lease management software company decided to rebuild and modernize their software application, they came to Waterfield Energy for help. The company needed their application to be robust enough to handle millions of simultaneous transactions. It was important to improve application performance and scalability. This required a product rebuild with emphasis on stronger screen presentation capability and greatly enhanced performance times.

The executives at the company became familiar with Waterfield Energy’s advanced web-based technology platform and exponentially faster system performance, as compared to competing products in the energy industry. They called upon the team at Waterfield to assist them with their product evolution.

“We are excited to see our technology platform being used as a game-changer in a new industry vertical,” said Pete Waldroop, Waterfield Energy CEO.  “The investments we’ve made in leading-edge technology continue to provide value and competitive advantages for our clients. We believe our new partner will bring the same level of value to their clients as a result of working with Waterfield Energy for their product rebuild.”

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