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  • July 1st, 2014

Waterfield Energy Wins Major Midstream Client

Waterfield Energy is pleased to announce the partnership with a top ten US Gas Processing company. The decision to switch from a competitor’s solution, which had been installed for fifteen years, to Waterfield Energy’s software came after a direct comparison of Waterfield Energy’s performance, pricing and functionality to the existing solution. The new project will implement Waterfield Energy’s accounting software including Plant Processing, Accrual, Forecasting, Division Order, State Taxes, and Reporting along with two interactive dashboard tools over the next fourteen months. Waterfield Energy CEO, Pete Waldroop, said, “For years our competitor has dominated the processing space. Our investments in new technologies and our focus on a rich user experience, especially management access to relevant data, have made a compelling case for change, even after millions of dollars have been invested in another system. Ultimately, it’s not about what clients have spent in the past; it’s about what they will spend going forward that matters.”

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